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About The Program

The Music Technology Center, created by a grant from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and the National Endowment for the Arts, was completed in 1993 and houses multiple computer and keyboard labs, digital audio, video, and multimedia suites, and a state-of-the-art recording studio.

  • Music Technology Certificate

    Music Technology Certificate

    This six-course certificate is designed for music students who want to pursue a career in the music industry involving music technology and/or who want to be able to record, produce, and market their music at a professional level. Through the course of study, the students will develop a solid foundation on contemporary technologies and related techniques such as MIDI, digital music notation, sequencing, samplers, recording, microphone techniques, mixing, composition using the latest music software, basics of scoring for video (film, advertising, video games, among others), the art of music production, critical listening, the basics of music publishing, copyrights, promotion, marketing, and much more.

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    Music Technology Certificate Overview

    Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

    The Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate can be incorporated into undergraduate studies and consists of twelve credits for completion including students' areas of interest. 

    Learn more about the Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

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    The College of Performing and Visual Arts awards over $1.8 million in scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students in the arts. There are multiple scholarship types offered to students, including talent scholarships and foundation scholarships. To learn more, visit the PVA Scholarship page.

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  • Fall semesterAugust 1*
  • Spring semesterJanuary 1*
  • Summer semesterMay 1*
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Music Technology Center

The Music Technology Center is comprised of:

  • A state of the art recording studio, Studio A, which is used as a classroom for recording/production courses and also for professional recordings, both academic-related and independent.
  • Two project studios that serve as pre/post-production facilities for students and faculty. These are equipped with Apple Mac Pros and other hardware that allow patrons to record (both audio and MIDI) utilizing the latest music software and sample libraries, including Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Reason, Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton, Mach Five, Native Instruments' Komplete Ultimate, East West libraries, and Vienna Symphonic Library, among others.
  • A piano lab, which holds sixteen digital pianos and Apple Mac laptops. This classroom is utilized for class piano courses and is also equipped for video and audio presentations.
  • A computer lab, equipped with thirty-one Apple Mac computers loaded with the latest music-related software. In the lab, students will find the latest software to suit their preferences, whether notating with Finale or Sibelius; recording/sequencing with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Ableton, Reason, Mach Five, or GarageBand, among others; or practicing Music Theory/Aural Skills with Ear Master. This room is also equipped for video and audio presentations.

Recording Studio

UNC Recording Studio

State-of-the-art professional recording studio at UNC

Studio A, Frasier Hall, 96

Based on Pro-Tools HD, UNC’s recording studio offers a hybrid format of both analog and digital.

On the analog side, Studio A is equipped with a vast collection of microphones, over 40 channels of outboard microphones preamps (tube and solid state), a myriad of outboard compressors and EQs, and a hybrid Avid C-24 control surface.

On the virtual side, the studio offers a great collection of plug-ins including Waves, SoundToys, Slate Digital, Audio Ease, and Plugin Alliance, among others.

The recording studio is used both as a professional facility and as a classroom for recording courses. UNC students can take advantage of discounted hourly rates.

UNC Project Studios

Project Studios

Frasier Hall, 93 A & C

The Project Studios give students the opportunity to work on class projects or pre/post production of their own projects. Both project studios are equipped with Apple Mac Pros and MOTU 896 Hybrid Audio Interfaces. These computers are equipped with the same plug-in collection as the recording studio, making it very easy to transfer projects from one place to the other (a great advantage to recording students).

For composers and sound designers, the project studios also offer renowned Digital Audio Workstations and a wide collection of virtual instruments and samplers including East/West, Native Instruments, MOTU, Slate Digital, and Toontrack.

Both rooms offer advanced control surfaces:
93 A - Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface
93 C - Slate's Raven MTi

This facility is at no cost for UNC students.

UNC Music Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Frasier Hall, 83

The computer lab is equipped with thirty-one Apple Mac computers (dual display) loaded with music-related software for notation, ear training, recording, sequencing, and editing, including Finale, Sibelius, Ear Master, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Reason, Ableton, and Mach Five, among others. This room is also equipped for video and audio presentations.

UNC Keyboard Lab

Piano Lab

Frasier Hall, 8

The piano lab holds sixteen digital pianos and Apple Mac laptops. This classroom is utilized for class piano courses and is also equipped for video and audio presentations.

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