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About The Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Latinx Music program is designed for students with a passion for studying the musical traditions of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

No audition is required, but you may audition for scholarship consideration.

  • Degree Overview

    The Bachelor of Arts in Latinx Music is housed in the School of Music within the College of Performing and Visual Arts. The program gives students an in-depth look at the musical traditions of South and Central America as well as the Caribbean and Mexico.

  • Beyond the Classroom

    As a Latinx Music major, you have access to perform in any of our music ensembles, both auditioned and non-auditioned, including our new Mariachi Band and other ensembles that honor music genres like cumbia, tango, samba and others.


  • Curriculum

    Students in this program take two semesters of theory and aural skills (traditional or Latin and Jazz), eight semesters of lessons, and four semesters of Latin Music ensembles (including our new Mariachi Band, if desired)– and can choose to take more theory/aural skills and/or ensembles if they wish. They also take Latin Percussion, a dance class and specialized courses in the musical traditions of those regions. Students may choose to add either the Arts Entrepreneurship or Music Technology certificate. The degree includes a large number of electives so students can customize their studies to fit their interests.

    Possible minors to pair with this program: Global Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Media Studies, ESL and more.

    Read more about the curriculum

  • How to Apply

    Visit our School of Music admissions page to learn about how to fill out both the UNC and School of Music applications and how to apply for scholarships.


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Application Dates
  • Fall semesterAugust 1*
  • Spring semesterJanuary 1*
  • Summer semesterMay 1*
*Note: Application dates may vary depending on student status. Learn more.

Latinx ¡Celebremos!

¡Celebremos! A Festival of Latinx Music & Culture | Fall 2023

Latinx ¡Celebremos! | Fall 2023

¡Celebremos! A Festival of Latinx Music & Culture | Fall 2023

Latinx ¡Celebremos! | Fall 2023

¡Celebremos! A Festival of Latinx Music & Culture | Fall 2023

Latinx ¡Celebremos! | Fall 2023

¡Celebremos! A Festival of Latinx Music & Culture | Fall 2023