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Collaborative Piano Audition Requirements

All applicants will submit the following application materials based on their desired degree program. For specific audition requirements, please see below.


  • Complete all Graduate School Application Requirements for your degree program and a UNC Application
    • Graduate Students will submit audition videos in the portfolio as part of the UNC Application.
  • After submitting your application, upload and complete the following School of Music Checklist Items in your Graduate School Admissions Portal:
    • Resume - a complete listing of your performing and work experience. Please upload a .pdf document.
    • Statement of Goals - a brief statement about your career aspirations. Please upload a .pdf document.
    • School of Music Form - includes Virtual Interview Scheduling, musical experience, and past teachers.
    • Assistantship Letter of Experience (optional but strongly recommended) - a brief statement about your teaching or professional experience as it relates to music. Please upload a .pdf document.
Additional Requirements for Collaborative Piano
  • Upload to the admissions portal a sample of scholarship writing

Collaborative Piano

Audition Requirements for Master of Music and Doctor of Arts

  • Prepare one aria and three art songs of contrasting styles
  • Prepare one complete instrumental sonata
  • One memorized solo piano piece, minimum of 3 minutes in length (e.g. a movement of a piano sonata, set of Debussy preludes, etc)
  • Sight-reading

Audition Video

  • Each audition piece, including multi-movement and cyclic works, must be recorded in one continuous, unedited take.
  • Video recording should be made with a camera in a single, fixed location so that the camera view is consistent. The camera should be focused on the performer, who must to be visible at all times. If possible, please angle the camera so that the performer's face, fingers and feet are all visible.
  • If at all possible, please set up the camera to the right of the pianist, limit background noise, and make sure the performance space is well lit. The entire keyboard should be visible.
  • Recordings of each piece must be unedited and should be uploaded to YouTube. The YouTube link(s) should then be added to your application on Slate.
  • Graduate applicants who would like to be considered for a graduate assistantship will be expected to sight-read during the synchronous interview with the piano faculty. For this reason, the applicants will need to have a working instrument (piano or keyboard) available during the interview.


Edward Rothmel, Edward.Rothmel@unco.edu