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Collaborative Piano Audition Requirements

All applicants will submit the following application materials based on their desired degree program. For specific audition requirements, please see below.


  • Complete all Graduate School Application Requirements for your degree program.
  • After submitting your application, upload and complete the following School of Music Checklist Items in your Graduate School Admissions Portal:
    • Resume - a complete listing of your performing and work experience. Please uplaod a .pdf document
    • Statement of Goals - a brief statement about your career aspirations. Please upload a .pdf document.
    • School of Music Form
    • Assistantship Letter of Experience (optional but strongly recommended) - a brief statement about your teaching or professional experience as it relates to music. Please upload a .pdf document.
Additional Requirements for Collaborative Piano
  • Upload to the admissions portal a sample of scholarship writing

Collaborative Piano

Audition Requirements for Master of Music and Doctor of Arts

  • Prepare one aria and three art songs of contrasting styles
  • Prepare one complete instrumental sonata
  • Prepare one memorized solo piano selection
  • Sight-reading


Edward Rothmel, Edward.Rothmel@unco.edu