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Conducting Audition Requirements

All applicants will submit the following application materials based on their desired degree program. For specific audition requirements, please scroll down or use these buttons to navigate to the appropriate area.


  • Complete all Graduate School Application Requirements for your degree program.
  • After submitting your application, upload and complete the following School of Music Checklist Items in your Graduate School Admissions Portal:
    • Resume - a complete listing of your performing and work experience. Please uplaod a .pdf document
    • Statement of Goals - a brief statement about your career aspirations. Please upload a .pdf document.
    • School of Music Form
    • Assistantship Letter of Experience (optional but strongly recommended) - a brief statement about your teaching or professional experience as it relates to music. Please upload a .pdf document.
**Applicants to Orchestral Conducting will submit their pre-screen audition as part of the application portfolio prior to submission**

Choral Conducting

Requirements for Master of Music and Doctor of Arts

  • The candidate will prepare two or three smaller choral works, which will be conducted with the top mixed choir before the members of the choral faculty.
  • The length of the audition will be approximately 15 minutes.
  • The candidate will be asked to solve particular conducting problems such as changing meters, mixed meters, and hemiolas.
  • If a live audition is not feasible (due to out of state residency) an individual may be admitted on probationary status.
  • Letters from the candidate’s teacher(s) and a CD/DVD recording of the candidate conducting his/her own ensemble in either a performance or a rehearsal will be sufficient for probationary admission.


Jill Burgett at Jill.Burgett@unco.edu

Orchestral Conducting

Requirements for Master of Music and Doctor of Arts

  • Upload to the application a video of you conducting in rehearsal and performance (camera facing conductor). 


  • An aural skills exam
  • Various cognitive tests and score reading at the piano
  • An interview
  • A conducting audition with the UNC orchestra


Russell Guyver at Russell.Guyver@unco.edu

Wind Conducting

Requirements for Master of Music and Doctor of Arts

  • Applicants music possess a bachelor's degree in music education or performance, in addition to have at least two year of public/private school band teaching experience.
  • Applicants must have knowledge of the core wind band & chamber repertoire, having studied or conducting such works
  • All candidates are to submit a conducting video that includes both performance and rehearsal footage, totaling no more than 15 minutes, to be reviewed by the Director of Bands. The video should include 1-2 works in performance that depict contrasting styles, and the rehearsal footage is to be unedited. Both performance and rehearsal footage should have the conductor clearly visible (frontal view). These videos are to be in the form of YouTube or Vimeo links.


Wesley Broadnax at Wesley.Broadnax@unco.edu